To Know the Heart of the Pilot

Three passengers share a row of seats in an airplane. As the plane is taxiing for takeoff, their conversation turns to the topic of the airplane pilot. Stunningly, passenger “A” doesn’t believe one exists. “No one flies the plane. We are guided by a computer system in the terminal. This plane is an occupied drone.  Read More

A Huge Asset

As followers of God, you and I have a huge asset.  We know everything is going to turn out all right! Christ has not budged from His throne, and Romans 8:28 has not evaporated from the Bible.  Our problems have always been His possibilities. The kidnapping of Joseph resulted in the preservation of his family.  Read More

We’ve all messed up.

We’ve all messed up.  Said the wrong words, loved the wrong person, reacted the wrong way…walked when we should have waited, indulged when we should have resisted. You’ll mess up more if you let yesterday’s mistakes sabotage today’s attitude! The Bible says, God’s mercies are new every morning.  Receive them.  Learn a lesson from them. Read More