No Do Over or Easy Button!

Sharing the gospel of Christ sometimes takes weeks, months and even years to build trust and open lines of communication with a lost brother or sister but there are times when you must seize the moment, plant the seed and leave the rest to God. Times like this usually come only once. I hope you would develop your Apologetics for what you believe in but witnessing isn’t about stating biblical facts; you only need to tell someone how Jesus has impacted your life.

Have you ever had one of those days that seem to last forever, Continue reading “No Do Over or Easy Button!”

NASCAR…Well no not really, something else.

I must say I really like sitting down in my recliner kicking back with a tall glass of Milo’s sweet tea and letting the remote become one with my hand. We have such a nice relationship; me and my remote…oops that is another story.

I have always watched racing on TV but I got a wild hair one day and decided to go to Talladega and watch it live. I called the boys up and we took off a day in advance to camp in the parking lot. Well if any of you know NASCAR then you know what happens when the cars aren’t going round and round. The beer flowed, the inhibitions disappeared Continue reading “NASCAR…Well no not really, something else.”

Confidence ?.!

I felt compelled to just talk openly today and explain something to you all. I want you all to know that I have been sending these emails out because I have been moved by the spirit and to just contain that and not share it was like getting a supercharger for my car and not gassing on it.
I am not judging anyone. My only goal is to Continue reading “Confidence ?.!”

How do we stop… ourselves?

Have you ever won the lottery? Lost 50 pounds overnight? Found the perfect MR. or Miss Right and got married the same day? Solved world hunger?

Finance, health, happiness and peace are goals of most every person in the world but when your goals are set that high you know as well as I do it takes hard work, dedication and commitment. Should your spiritual walk be any different? Do you think that because you got saved Continue reading “How do we stop… ourselves?”