Have you ever won the lottery? Lost 50 pounds overnight? Found the perfect MR. or Miss Right and got married the same day? Solved world hunger?

Finance, health, happiness and peace are goals of most every person in the world but when your goals are set that high you know as well as I do it takes hard work, dedication and commitment. Should your spiritual walk be any different? Do you think that because you got saved that its time to coast? This road to happiness is just as tough as any other with one exception; you now have the God of the universe on your side but he won’t blink his eyes and poof! All is well. We must dig deep, hold on and put one foot forward.

Why do we insist on pushing when what we truly want is to pull? I am the worst at pushing. Just when the feeling starts to give breath to uncertainty we are somehow compelled to withdraw.

I remember as a child I would try so hard to just fit in with the other kids. After some painful teasing and being the center of only one or two jokes I withdrew from my classmates. Instead of being who I was and whom Christ wanted me to be; I first tried to conform to my surroundings. Well after that failed miserably, I made an attempt to stand out and be different but not in a positive way. I would call myself “the defender of the weak”! I got in several fights claiming to protect the picked on kids. In all honesty; I just wanted to hurt someone because I was hurting.

When we don’t fill our lives daily with the nourishment we truly need; we fill the void with our own reasoning which only makes the void that much more exposed to Satan’s darts. Without daily meditation on God’s word; how can we keep our flesh from succumbing to the temptation presented to us? I know I can’t. We must keep our eye on the prize!

What about talking to God first? Our heavenly father has made us a promise. He tells us that if we go to him in prayer he will reward us. Matthew 6: 5-8

We may not get what we ask for but there WILL be a reward. I don’t give my daughter her every desire but I do give what I feel she needs. How much more God will give us!

God will bless us so that we can bless others! We must obey him though. I am sure the disciples had some doubt when Jesus said to take a handful of food and feed thousands. Matthew 15: 34-38 What happened when they acted on His reasoning and not their own was a blessing of spiritual growth for them and everyone around them. Not to mention physical needs being met as well! Imagine if they would have withdrawn?

It is my prayer that we will dedicate our days to God; after all, He gave the day to us. If only we will seek Him first in prayer and study of His word then I know we would all have better Mondays.