Hello my dear and distant friends and family! I just wanted to make a quick post to tell you that I am in fact still alive and did not fall of the face off the earth!

Since I have been posting on here for the past few years, my policy has always been honesty first and honesty no matter what, so in keeping with that attempt at selfless honesty; I have been pretty much lost. Some hurdles have been rather hard to over come and I have really been trying to do it on my own despite what I know in my head and my heart. I have been wanting to get on here with some inspiring words but inspiration is in short order when walking alone…

Anyway, I am still just a broken sinner trying his best the walk the narrow path. I hope to have some inspiraitional words soon but I have some pain and sin that needs to be left at the cross. I know, it is just plain dumb to carry around that garbage but for reasons known to God’s, I can’t let it go right now.

Be back soon! I love you all,