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For centuries “Christian manhood” was the ideal for men in Western Civilization. From the days of “knights in shining armor” in the Middle Ages until the 20th century, the rule of law based upon Scripture directed society’s view of what men should be. “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” For the most part, American men knew their role was to be humble before God, but strong against evil. They knew that success would follow: “By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches and honor and life.” (Prov. 28:1; 22:4)
Christian men and their families led the way in early America. They fought valiantly for liberty in the War of Independence, and they risked all with their wives and children to open the frontiers. In the 20th century they sacrificed their lives by the hundreds of thousands, dying on foreign shores to save strangers from evil tyrants.

Successful Leadership

In the 19th century, Christian men gave leadership to all of America’s institutions. Civil government was kept small, mostly local, and checked from abuse. Christian families were the prominent cultural force as procreation was encouraged, providing a generational foundation for all of culture. Women were cherished and valued as joint heirs and partners. Christian men willingly shouldered their God-ordained responsibility to protect and provide for their wives, children, parents and the poor without government assistance, leading to the explosion of Christian free enterprise. Men were accountable, as joint-heirs with their wives, to train and educate their children. (All schools were parent-directed, and most were private and church related.) Men were trained early to protect and defend themselves and their families and to protect in local militias, as authorized by the Second Amendment.

How did a nation of men who have fought so bravely for liberty, their families, and private property so passively give over these great blessings to the control and regulation of a seemingly all-powerful, out of control government?

Fantasy World

To understand how American men have become more like silent puppies than roaring lions, we must understand the strategy of evil throughout history: lies, deception, and brute force. These lies were first set forth in America by progressive liberal politicians, clergy, and academicians who were allowed to invade the pulpits and classrooms of America by a less-than-vigilant Christian population.

In the multicultural, unisexual, egalitarian, gender-warfare fantasy world of recent decades, a stereotyped version of Christian manhood has been portrayed as the scapegoat for society’s ills. At the same time, counterfeit composites of barbarians on the one extreme and pacifists and cowards on the other have been thrust into the public consciousness. In the 20th century Christian men slowly stepped back from leadership in all of our major institutions. Civil government broke loose from its Constitutional restraints. Government slowly moved in to replace Christian men as the “providers and protectors” of society. The transfer of power from Christian men to the faceless, “benevolent” state has proven to be a complete failure.


As men progressively gave over their God-ordained roles, diversions and new outlets for their energies and aggressions had to be manufactured. The media obediently changed their portrayal of men, creating a new anti-hero. Gone were the days when the “good guys” won.

Hollywood rolled out a never-ending parade of “anti-heroes” who have become the new role-models for American males. A typical anti-hero is unattached from family responsibilities. He either has no children or doesn’t seem to know they exist. He is broodingly depressed, violent, self-involved, and misunderstood. He pumps weights and practices martial arts, prepar­ing for the opportunity to redeem himself with one heroic act, before he lights up and rides out of town in search of another reckless romantic high.

With the myths of freedom without responsibility and celebrity anti-heroes dancing in their heads, millions of men have lost themselves in the pursuit of the “golden ring” “sports mania” or “self-fulfillment.” The result has been family disintegration and a rapid slide into near totalitarian controls over our lives.

Unmasking the Charade

Yes, there is still hope. In fact, out of control government may be playing into the hands of the Almighty because it is moving so rapidly, almost carelessly, to dismantle our republic. Millions of good men and women are being awakened by these outrages.

What must be done now that millions are looking for a way to restore America? The basic successful strategy for generational victory starts in the family. When the warrior comprehends that his supply line and power source emanates from the home, then he will fight, even die, to protect its integrity.

The family was created – not government or the church- to be the primary governing unit of society. We have seen what happens when a nation is ruled either by an unchecked government or by religious mullahs or prelates. Law school professor, Dr. Herb Titus, describes the proper role of the family; “In God’s created order, the family is the primary governmental unit of human society. Unfortunately, in modern law and culture, in America and elsewhere, this concept of the family has been lost… Modern man has divorced the concept of dominion from the institution to which it was delivered [Gen. 1:26-28], hence the family has been left with no reason to exist.” Godly men will “man up” as their vision is restored for leading society my means of the Christian family.

Bold as a Lion

We can replace the media anti-heroes with the true heroes of history who sacrificed themselves for faith, family, and freedom. As I speak throughout the country, I see the “make me a point man” look in the eyes of thousands of men. These men represent the righteous who “are as bold as a lion” against evil and corruption.

God has seldom used a political majority to restore a nation. Odds are never a problem for Him. The British discovered this fact at Yorktown in 1781. The Japanese discovered it at Midway as did the Germans on “D” Day. May God help us become, inspire, and mentor millions of repentant, godly warriors who will once again man-up and obey the Word of the Lord regardless of the cost.

Dr. Marshall Foster

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