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It’s not something you might expect to hear from a school principal, but Jeffrey Wick of Bowling Green, Virginia, says the public school system is helping to destroy the country’s foundation.

Wick is now offering his thoughts in his new book Public Education: The Final Solution in the Conquest of America’s Ideals.

“I think we’re at a state in our country where we are on that precipice, as a lot of us believe, and part of the reason we’re in this problem is what the public schools do,” says Wick. “It’s not necessarily what the teachers are doing, but it’s the philosophy that’s guiding the system.”

child wondering confused in schoolWick’s desire is to encourage the nation to return to its greatness — “which is its Christian foundation, freedom that we were founded upon, sacrifice, hard work, rugged individualism and all those traits that our founders based our Constitution and our nation upon,” he explains.

Wick says in order for the U.S. to be transformed from the great country that it is into a socialistic type of nation where people are dependent on government, the family, the Christian faith, and patriotism have to be attacked.

“As the first two are destroyed, that creates a void,” the principal says, “and I think the government steps in and tries to take that role. They try to become parent, the school system is encouraged to be the center of the community, to provide all of these services.”

He suggests a few examples — dinner service, and not just to low-income students, as well as health and wellness programs or family life materials. When this happens, Wick says schools are taking authority from parents, but in some cases, parents are giving up their authority willingly.





  • Our Christian heritage, U.S. Constitution, and your family!

These attacks originate from within our own borders!

  • Instigated by liberals, atheists, and relativists
  • Open agenda to promote socialism
  • Promoted in the media and pop culture

Do you realize the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM’s role in destroying our foundation?

  • It teaches 49.3 million students (89%)
  • It indoctrinates children in liberalism, socialism, and government dependence
  • It promotes weakness
  • It attacks Christianity, family, and patriotism

Public Education: The “Final Solution” in the Conquest of America’s Ideals

  • Exposes the socialist agenda of the public schools under the guise of “helping children”
  • Explains how dependence on government begins in schools
  • Illustrates this 235-year war against America
  • Compares modern America to The Republic by Plato
  • Outlines America’s journey from receiving God’s blessings to facing His wrath

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