The Christian walk can be quite intimidating at times. Let’s face it, the competition is tough! Satan has had centuries to perfect his methods and soup up his engine but we have a crew chief that guarantees a victory! The Holy Spirit will empower you to win these races but we do have to get behind the wheel and pull up to the line!

I am a gear head. I have always enjoyed going to the drag strip. There is something about ripping down the ¼ mile burning rubber reaching over 100 mph. Drag racing is not just about speed though. It’s called bracket racing. If you dial in an 18 second time and I dial in a 10 second time then your leave light goes green 8 seconds before mine and it is up to me to catch you without going faster than my 10 second dial in. That’s called a break out.

I remember one season, a 1987 Daihatsu entered to be a bracket racer. Well he dialed in a 22 second ET. Now that is slow. Most of the other high dollar Camaros and Chevelles and Mustangs were much faster and really looked like race cars.

Race after race that little Daihatsu won each time. He always maintained a perfect 22 second ET never breaking out or red lighting “consistency”. By the time the season was over that little ugly car won the overall point’s race and was crowned champion! WOW! I never expected that.

Some of us think we aren’t strong enough to continue the race or make a difference. I mean, maybe we don’t fit the bill as a Race car Christian. I know it can be quite intimidating at times. I am often reminded how slow I am as a Race car Christian but never from other racers; it’s the competition that tries to intimidate me into forfeiting. Satan is a dirty racer but we have a secret weapon far better than NOS or any supercharger.

Romans 4:21 tells us “Being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform.” And Colossians 4:12 says ” that you may stand perfect and fully assured in all the will of God.” And Philippians 4:13 states “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

These are but only a sample of the assurance father gives us if only we will step out dare to race. No matter what this vehicle appears to be on the outside we have a Nitro Methane, supercharged, top fuel machine on the inside and he is the Holy Spirit. What a gift the Lord has bestowed upon us. We the Daihatsu’s!

Step out and Race! Race for God! He is calling us. He wants fearless people willing to pull up next to Satan and gas on it! Invite someone to church, tell someone you love them, and ask someone in line at the bank do they know who Jesus is?

I don’t know if you have noticed, Satan is winning a lot of these races. America is conforming to the desires of Satan. We are afraid to pray in school or carry a bible to work. We might hurt someone’s feelings is the accepted excuse. Never mind the fact that our country was formed and based on God. How much longer until “In God We Trust” becomes too offensive.

You have the power because of the Holy Spirit and the grace of our Savior. Try a small race first. You just might get hooked after that victory. Let’s start local and take back the losses. How could we loose with Jesus in control?