Valya Vaschenko – 12 years old – U.S.S.R: Every eye in the room was upon Valya as the director of the school called her name again. “Valya Vaschenko,” the director said firmly, “take the oath.” Valya’s mouth stayed shut tight. “Valya! Say the oath,” he commanded. “Valya…Very well, I will read it in your name.”

Weeks earlier, the director of the school had decided that it was time that Valya, a twelve year old Christian girl in Russia, should become a member of the Communist children’s group known as Pioneers. Valya refused, but refusal was not hers to make. By law, the director took place of her parents.

When membership day came, the girls stood in a group before a table on which were laid the three-pointed, red Pioneer scarves. One by one the other girls had stepped forward to take the oath and put on a scarf. All but Valya.

As the director prepared to read the oath for Valya, he pointed to two other girls. “You will place the scarf on Vayla’s neck as I read.”

He began, “I, as a young Pioneer of the U.S.S.R., before my comrades – patriots deciding the question of my admission into the organization – promise that I shall stand firmly for the cause of Lenin and for the victory of Communism. I promise…”
But his next words were drowned out as Vayla burst out in prayer to God and began to sing a hymn:

“We will stand firm for the Gospel faith, for Christ, following His example, forward all, forward after Him.”

Again and again, in Russian schools, Christian children would stand up in class to pray out loud and to witness. These children were beaten and forced to leave their families, but others followed their example.

In 1963, prayer was banned in American public schools. What would happen if American parents had taught their children not to submit to this decision? They would not have been beaten, and their parents would not have ended up in jail as in Russia.

The ACLU used the courts to change school policy. In 1948 the Supreme court used the “Separation of Church and State” argument to outlaw a time for school prayer. In 1962 the Supreme Court again declared that prayer in school was unconstitutional. In 1963 the Warren Court stopped schools from allowing Bible reading in classes. In 1980 the Supreme Court declared that posting the Ten Commandments in a school classroom violated the Constitution of the United States.

Thus while the early American schools taught the moral values from the Bible, with school prayer, today’s public school system prohibit teaching moral values from the Bible, or even allowing students to pray to a God that a majority of faiths in this country recognize. The result is America has become a land with much looser morals then 4 decades ago, which is having a negative affect on all sectors of our society. History shows us that when societies become corrupt they begin to come apart and crumble.

The claim is made by the ACLU that these violate the Constitution, but then why did the founding fathers have, Bible reading, School Prayer and the Ten Commandments in their schools? Did they not understand their own Constitution?

Here in the United States, the First Amendment of our Constitution guarantees us freedom of speech and freedom of religion. What have we done with that freedom? Must we wait until it is taken away as it was in Communist Russia or other dictatorial societies before we grow bold enough to stand up?

Say what you will, I see the state we are in today as moral decline, we would allow special interests groups a hold such as homosexual activism and liberal progressivism but deny any resemblance of the guide the bible has to offer. Just saying that word angers many. School shootings, young mobs, vandals, future welfare dependants in the making…our making. Well I say take your pill and enjoy it, it was a placebo.

A Nation that refuses to teach its children right from wrong, good from evil will become a corrupt nation, where sin prevails, evil abounds, and children do as they please!

  • 1963 — ABINGTON SCHOOL DIST. v. SCHEMPP — banned school-directed recital of the Lord’s Prayer and reading of Bible passages as part of “devotional exercises” in public schools.
  • 1980 — STONE v. GRAHAM — banned the posting of the the Ten Commandments on public school classroom walls.
  • 1985 — WALLACE v. JAFFREE — banned observance of “daily moments of silence” from public schools when students were encouraged to pray during the silent periods.
  • 1990 — WESTSIDE COMMUNITY BD. OF ED. v. MERGENS — held that schools must allow student prayer groups to organize and worship if other non-religious clubs are also permitted to meet on school property.
  • 1992 — LEE v. WEISMAN — outlawed prayers led by members of the clergy at public school graduation ceremonies.
  • 2000 — SANTA FE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT v. DOE — banned student-led pre-game prayers at public high school football games.
“Indoctrinating America’s Youth”

“Government Schools Then and Now”

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