Time flies by!Sounds bad huh? But it is a serious question and a problem I am facing now. God should be our number one priority but lets be real here. When you have kids (especially special needs kids), a couple jobs, behind on bills, friends that need your help, a spouse that deserves and needs attention, cars that break down, bosses that have to have something yesterday, customers that are hard to please etc… Where and how do you find time alone to grow and love God?

I honestly don’t have an answer right now. I love the Lord with all my heart and will never forget the blessings He has given me but this seems to be my major weakness right now. Do you have any tips or advise? I would love to hear it!

Sincerely and honestly,




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2 thoughts on “What if you don’t have time for God?”

  1. Just the fact that you have taken the time to Think about this, Write it and then Go on to Post it and ask the question is “Time” spent with God! God doesn’t make judgements on how or where you think about him or thank him for the blessings in your life. You are doing exactly what you think you are missing. Give yourself a break. Really, if all you do is wake up each day and say Thank you God. Or as you roll about of bed you make a conscious decision to think about God and have a moment of reflection, prayer meditation or whatever you want to call it…Then you’ve succeeded! God is you, no need to look outside yourself!

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