Praise God!
I experienced the most amazing thing today! I watched as God worked in the life of a child!
I was baby sitting for a few hours while my wife and two of her friends went to Church. I was late getting home from work, I changed clothes and sat at the computer to check my email. As I was about to finish reading the weekly letter from Church. Briana (who is nine) came and sat down beside me and asked what I was doing? She also asked me what was the verse for the day? I saw the verse at the bottom of the letter and she read it:

“He who observes the wind won’t sow; and he who regards the clouds won’t reap.” Ecclesiastes 11:4
Now that is not an easy verse to explain to a nine year old much less myself  . While doing my best to not slaughter the verse I remembered the link at the bottom of the Daily Devotional I get from Charles Stanley. I clicked on Kid’s Cornerand and looked for some activities to do with Briana since she was so interested in what I was doing. After a few games I saw the link HOW TO BE GOD’S FRIEND.

What happens next makes my soul leap for joy.
Briana was reading the letter, ( I will paste it below ) when she got to verse John 3:16 she asked me how can you live forever? I asked her to look at my shirt. I explained; my shirt is on the outside of my body and it is only a shirt. My body holds my soul and when I die my soul will come out of my body which is like my shirt and go to Heaven and live forever because of Jesus.
She understood me.

When she got to the part about explaining what sin is, she read “Have you ever done something mean to your brother or sister?” she answered aloud “YES”. She kept reading and as the letter explained Christ and Salvation she got to the part where you pray and as she was reading it, I noticed her voice change. She started to pause before the next word. She stared at the screen…She was absorbing the word! I was the child in that moment so I sat back and learned. About two thirds of the way through the prayer Briana said “my eye’s are starting to water” and I watched a tear roll from her eye. Let me tell you, the power of the Holy Spirit was present and I still can’t stop thinking about it!

She finished the prayer said “Amen” and said “I did not know that”.
When she read: “Congratulations! You are now a child of God! She lit up!
I asked if she understood what just happened and she was quick to tell me yes and why! Praise God!
She saw the link for feedback and this is what she wrote:
“I read and believed the prayer you wrote . It is a nice thing to say to god.”
I was overwhelmed watching God enter the life of this Child! It is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. I pray that it will happen again!

Maybe you know a child that is ready to listen to the voice of God!
Here is the link: Youth Salvation.
When someone is ready to listen, will you be ready to share the Gospel of Christ? If your car has a flat tire, are you ready to change it or at least arrange for it to be changed? How much more important is eternity? Please learn to either share the Good News of Christ or have someone else help to share Christ. Here is a great place to start:
What the Bible says
I now have a personal goal to prepare for that time when someone is ready. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this!
Here is the letter Briana read: Jesus Wants To Be Your Friend