My dear child, I see God in your eyes, I smell the sweet fragrance of eternity in your short breaths. With your little grasp of my finger I can feel the tug of a world beyond this one, a world that I will call home one day. Gracie, you have refreshed my eyes on the one and only God, a good God who loves us so much that he gave his little baby, his only baby to this world to be tortured, humiliated and put to death. Dear Gracie, I love you so very much, I cannot bear to imagine your death. My eyes water now thinking about those seconds that seemed an eternity as you grasped for air and your face turned blue..

I am overwhelmed with emotion. How can I feel this way? I did not know this kind of love was even possible for me. I watched TV tonight and listened as a mother spoke of her child dying and I busted out into tears. I close my eyes and your beautiful face is all I see. I love you baby! Daddy loves you so much Gracie!

You were born on September 5, 2007 at 7:51am. You weighed 7 pounds and 12 ounces. Your eyes are as blue as the depths of the ocean and your hair is dark like you moms but light like mine also! You have my nose, eyes and ears and you mom’s feet, beauty and lungs… =)

Most any parent will say that if demanded, no if even asked that they would die for their child… Gracie, I will live for you! I will dedicate my life to you! I will become better so that you may become more. I will be wrong so that you will admit your mistakes; I will ask if I need help so that you will not be prideful. I will love so that you will know love! I will forgive, so that you know forgiveness must be given as it was given to us. Gracie, I will do my best to bring glory to our savior Jesus so that you will grow to love the one who gave you to me. Some day little baby, I hope to hear stories from my hot-rod rocking chair of the people you have touched with your life, the people who speak of your love for everyone and most importantly, your love for Jesus!

Gracie, I love you baby! I love you with all my heart.



I love you Lord! You are me God, my savior, and my source of Love. God, you have blessed me with this child and I give all glory to you and thank you with all that I am. After all that I have put you through, after all the pain I have caused others in my past, after so many wasted years Lord… You saved me, you love me, you have blessed me beyond measure and I will always love you with all of my heart, body, mind and soul.. You are a good God. You are the only God. You are mine and I am yours!

Thank you Lord!