As usual, God is good ALL the time! I have learned that God does not change Malachi 3:6; it is me who changes my perspective at times. When I keep my focus on the Lord; all is better than well. God has blessed me in so many occasions I cannot begin to list them. Most recently, I was about to lose my house which would also put me in 40 to 60 thousand dollars of debt that would be garnished from my pay check. We prayed for God to help and also open our eyes to our mishandling of money and he answered in a big way.  

We received a little over the amount needed to repay the mortgage that was in foreclosure as well as pay all the current bills. We also made a very good budget that projects savings each month instead of a negative number… Oh, yea! My boss gave me a substantial raise! Praise God!

I am learning that to calculate without God Psalm 37:5 will always yield the wrong answer no matter how stubborn to do it our own way we are! I have also finally learned that prayer especially when others are praying with you is the only true answer to all and I mean ALL of life’s journeys. When we go to God first and put Him first in our lives He will take care of us and the Holy Spirit will guide us in those decisions that need to be made.

I have also learned that we can pray for even the smallest of things. I like to praise God all through the day Colossians 1:3 but I also like to ask him for guidance and help in the minutest matters Philippians 4:6 as small as helping me have a good day at work.

I have always heard it preached but after decades of doing it my way by “being a man” and just handling things I now know we must submit to God’s prompting to do it his way Hebrews 12. I have been through tough times as I know all of you have but I know that God will hold our hand and see us through it a better person on the other side with blessings waiting for us Matthew 11:28-30 if we put Him before all and submit to his word and his will for our lives.