For the first time in my life I have a hunger like never before! I have always been a very passive (yet temperamental ) dude. To be completely honest, I have been more concerned with the contents of my personal bubble than anything else. What I mean by that is; I would buy a hot-rod part before doing anything to contribute to the kingdom of God. I would rather spend my time browsing the endless pages of the parts section of eBay than reading the word of God.

I think one strong reason for this is; I have always been afraid that God will mold me into a better Christian by putting me through the fire. If you don’t know what I mean by that: God will sometimes allow us (Christians) to go through rough times in order to prepare us for his works. This is very difficult for the non-believer or even the believer to understand. God does want the very best for us and I believe he hurts even more than us when we suffer because we are his children. You can look at like this: either you will be put through the fire because you are being a disobedient child and any good father will discipline his child to get you back on track or God is allowing you to go through an experience in order to help one or even many of your fellow brothers and sisters later down the line. You and I must remember this is only a very temporary place here on earth in comparison to eternity.

My worst fear is something happening to one of my children. I have however learned that God does not want us to fear…PERIOD! Fear is in fact what satan wants. Think about it. I have been hiding from God out of the FEAR of being put through a trial. What has been gained from this? My separation from my father in heaven. Who would like that? Not my father! It is the deceiver; SATAN!

I have finally learned to put away my fear! Hence; “For the first time in my life I have a hunger like never before!” God is working in my life in wonderful ways I did not know possible. I am only now catching a glimpse of the Love he has in store for me. Praise GOD! He is good.
This is all the time I have now. Oh, yea! I did get back on eBay in a lengthy search… For a new study bible by Charles Stanley called Life Principles.

Love in Christ, Scott