I was going through old emails today. I found several emails I sent to Charles Stanley and Michael Beale where I was asking for help with prayer and more specifically prayers.

As I took this trip down forgotten lane my attention was brought to the exact prayers I asked for. I had long since forgotten or wrote off these prayers as unanswered and I figured that God must have a reason and I did say if it is your will Lord (why would he if it’s not? I just like saying that I think) so I assumed it was not his will.

Well let me tell you right now, God answered every single one of those prayers in a BIG way! Praise God! It was me that was too blind to see the blessings that he poured out to me. Truly it is amazing. If you would like to know what those prayers are I would be happy to share them.

I know someone whose spouse suffers from Alcoholism. She tried to confront her husband but he would only deny the problem. Finally she did the right thing and asked God to handle it. She asked the Lord to help her husband to stop drinking. A few weeks later he got really sick and went to the emergency room. After some test were run he was diagnosed with diabetes and had two clogged arteries one of which was 99% blocked. He was facing very serious problems.

Now, what do you think was God’s plan here? You have two ways to view this. One; God is just plain mean and only added to her pain by hospitalizing her husband, putting his life in danger and adding insult to injury. Or you can see it the way she did: God answered her prayer in a big way! The husband had a stint placed in the artery. Got the attention and medicine needed and was told that if he wants to continue living that he will change his lifestyle. The prayer she asked for was for her husband to stop drinking. He has stopped drinking.

I know at times we all may think that it is not his will or maybe he is not listening but truly he does and he always responds. It is us who do not listen to his response because it may not be on our time frame or calculated the way we thought it should be. It’s not until after we truly let go that we let him do the work.

It is my prayer for you that you dig up those old prayers and seek the response you received. It’s hard and sometimes and a little uncomfortable going down forgotten lane but I know the answers are there.

I love you all, Scott Smith