We live in a world on the go. We want fast food, fast computers, cell phones, IM and blueteeth =). Does anyone remember the old days when the phones had cords attached to them? If your car broke down, no biggie, walk to a service station, pay phone or the closest house for help. Do you have a prayer that God seems to be ignoring? What do you do when you want your prayers answered now?

I was deep into reading this book. You know, when it has you leaning forward in the chair, tapping your toes wanting to skip a page to see what’s next; when my daughter asks me: Daddy, what do I have to do next before I can go next door and play? Well for the 3rd time I told her again the chores to be done before she can go play.

Ok, back to the book… Daddy, what do I have to do before I can go play? Once again, I tell her the chores to complete. Now after telling her umm I don’t know, maybe 757 times what she has to do I became a little frustrated. This time after I almost got to the part where I know what happens in the book… Daddy, what do I have to do before I can go play? My first reaction was to get angry. I raised my voice some and with a firm voice said: When your duties are done, then you can go play!

In that very same moment before the last word came out of my mouth, my father God let me know that he feels similar with us. He gave me a list of chores to do and I expected the blessings before I was ever done. I wonder how many times I asked him; Father, can I be blessed now before he decided to give me a little wake up nudge?

To be honest with you, after having my eyes opened with some help from some books and my brothers and sisters. I am a little tired of myself. I am getting to the point where I don’t want the blessings and I do want the blesser. I know when my daughter stops asking me for toys all the time and just wants to hug me… Whew that lights me up with Joy!

There is a point to this story… 🙂

My daughter has still not completed her chores and therefore tonight she will not go next door and play. I did hug her and tell her how much I love her though and when she does finish with all that I have asked her to do (or gives me that look, you know that look and says Daddy, I Love You!)… I will take her to see a movie and get ice cream.

I know that our Father in heaven is also waiting to bless us immensely. Hebrews 11:6 (and many more verses) we just need to have faith, practice patience and seek him first. The blessings will come but truly he is the blessing.