Jesus the Alpha

Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end (Rev 22:13). John tells us that in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. The word became flesh and lived with us! (John 1:1 and 14). John continues to tell us that Jesus is the one and the only who came from the Father full of grace and truth. Clearly the bible is telling us that Jesus has always and will always exist.

Seed of David

The genealogy of Jesus Christ confuses many people. The misconception is that Jesus was prophesied to be born a descendant of King David and that descendant is Joseph, so how can Jesus be an offspring of Joseph if he does not carry his blood since He was born of a virgin? Joseph was a descendant of Coniah. We learn in Jeremiah 22:28-30 that any descendant of Coniah would not inherit the throne of David. Actually, Mary is the descendant of King David that ties Jesus to the family. We learn this in Luke 1:27 and 31-32. Not only does Jesus come from the bloodline of Mary but also by union of Marriage which ties both the ancestors of Joseph and Mary back to King David thus fulfilling the prophecy without a shadow of doubt.

Man or God

We discover throughout scripture the human side of Jesus. He experienced hunger, thirst, exhaustion, anger and just about every other human experience, well except one; sin (All through out the 4 gospels). So Jesus was a man… Wait! We also discover in several verses that Jesus is God. Among others, Titus 2:13 says that Jesus is our great God and savior!

Does Jesus Understand US?

If Jesus is God, then how can an all powerful huge deity understand the trials, temptations and heartaches I go through? We learned earlier that Jesus experienced the emotions we face and in Matthew 4:1-11 we see that Jesus faced a barrage of temptations not only while He was at his weakest time after fasting for over a month but by Satan himself! While Jesus did not give in to temptation as we all have and do, Jesus understands our temptations because he has been there.

Why did God forsake Jesus?

The humanity of Jesus is shown best in His death. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all write of the death of Jesus. Have you ever seen the movie “The Crow“? Do you remember the part where Eric Draven places his hands on Top Dollar and shows him all the horrible things that were trapped in his mind? The movie makes it look like a serious torture session.
Because God is Holy and pure, to be around sin would compromise His own nature therefore God cannot be in the presence of Sin. When Jesus was on the cross He cried out: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matt 27:46). In the text Forsaken means “leave” not abandon. Since God cannot be in the presence of sin in that moment of time Jesus took on every single sin of the world on his shoulders even yours and mine! In that moment for the first time Jesus lost a signal on his connection to God. Oh how His cry must have sounded!

Jesus comes back to life

After Jesus died he appeared to both Mary’s, the disciples and more than 500 other eye witnesses (Gospels and 1 Cor 15:6). Jesus appeared to the disciples for 40 days more (Acts 1:3) and then ascended into heaven (Acts 1:6-12, Mark 16:19, and Luke 24:50-51).

The return of the King

Jesus will return in all his Glory (Matt 24:30, Rev 19). He will come to judge Satan and his demons, the dead will be judged and a New Jerusalem will be established where he will reign.