Author: Scott

I hurt, I cry, I love and I live. I am just a man with no degrees or labels. I offer something that can never be taken or forced, never stolen or cheated and I give freely the gift given to me; purchased at the highest cost. The most important and sacred gift of all -Love! Dig deeper, walk with me and discover the source of this amazing gift. This site is designed to inspire Christians to reach for a new level in becoming kingdom minded and less worldly. While it may seem that I assume everyone is a Christian; that could not be further from the truth. I understand that the Christian movement has not grown in ages in America. My personal mission is to share Jesus Christ by giving the living testimony of my life and trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to inspire and convict. Put simply, I am powerless and lowly but the Spirit within me is only limited by how much I get in the way. I am learning to “walk”. All too often people are shown the gospel of Christ and then left to figure the rest out on their own so to speak. It is my prayer that the journey or “The Walk” will not be alone, that we will become what we were designed to be: -We are the Church!