There is no formula, self help plan or outline to achieve what you really want. What works for me may not work for you but one thing that will work for all of us is asking the Holy Spirit (if saved) to guide, grant wisdom and control our lives and then allow and submit to Him.

For me, the best way to be closer to God is to be broken. I am stubborn and foolish and when I need Him because of my pain I draw near and see Him. My walk is learning to obey and follow close when all is fine.

Just a few suggestions:


  • Daily scripture reading from a bible that is simple to understand (I like the NLT)
  • Being around other believers and acting on what you have learned is crucial.
  • Going to Church and if you don’t have a church, random acts of kindness are great.
  • As old as the saying is, ask yourself “What Would Jesus Do” and try and do that all through the day.
  • Pray! When you pray, don’t feel burdened and get tired or distracted… no one said it needs to be long. Just talk to God. I pray all day every day but in a simple sentence here and there. I don’t speak old English so my mind for sure is not going to try and recite it. It can be as simple as: What up God? I love you man! Thanks for this day! Time and a relationship with Him will carry your prayer and the bible tells us even when we don’t know what to pray the Holy Spirit will pray on our behalf.

Just don’t be disheartened and know that God loves and cares for you. You don’t have some spot you are supposed to be perfectly perched on and you won’t always have a fuzzy feeling. Before converting from atheism, I had no interest in God or getting close to Him. For me there came a time when I fell in Love with God for who He is and and not what He does. My desire went from looking for truth to blessings to the blesser. I will be in prayer that you get to know Him and His wonderful mercy and grace.