Father please give me something, hope for my marriage, to hold onto today. Take my hand & love me. Im so broken to the core. I can hardly breathe anymore my soul & spirit are so crushed in the wake of my wifes absense. Im hurting & perplexed. HELP
– Mark — CO, United States of America

For reconciliation and Godly communication between my husband David and myself. For ALL walls of division and contention between us to be torn down. For forgiveness, peace and love to flow between us. For David to turn back to God.
– Donna — AL, United States of America

I pray that I will stop hating myself. I hate what I have done to my family, but I hate myself so much that it is difficult to function. I want God to call me home, I hate myself too much to continue here. I am just hurting my family.
– Glenda — SC, United States of America

My wife left us. She says she thinks it may be God’s will for her to stay away. I hurt so badly but father is holding my hand. Please pray for us to know and follow his will. Praise Jesus for all he has done so far. God open her eyes to your will.
– Scott — AL, United States of America

These are actual current prayers from WPT.

In 1 Corinthians 7 Paul tells us because of immorality that each of us should marry (If only we were as strong as Paul, he does say it is GOOD for you single people if you can be strong!). Isn’t in wonderful how God meets us in our weaknesses! Paul tells us that it is ok to refrain from each other mutually to pray but to return so that Satan will not tempt us because of our lack of self-control. 
Paul also says in verse 10-11: “To the married I give this command (not I, but the Lord): A wife must not separate from her husband. But if she does, she must remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must not divorce his wife.”
I firmly believe to the point where I can say I know that this is the importance and order of life:
1. The Holy precious trinity; God the father, Son and Holy Spirit. (The source)
2. Family (The backbone to share the source)
3. Church (The means to share the source)
Satan will work in reverse order to obtain his ultimate goal… Separate us from our father! First we hear the whispers of why we should skip or never go to Church and then the defeated one will whisper lies about family and finally the deceiver whispers to us that it may be God’s fault or will.

Do you know how many broken families are in our country alone? On average 75% of all marriages end in divorce. Well over two million every year. The deceiver knows the war will be lost but he wants to take as many down on the way as he can.

I am not sure how to explain it and I don’t think you can understand it unless you experience it. Judging by the awful statistics of it… Some of you reading this will. The pain; the pain of separation has no comparison. Sure, it will settle; in time. It is worse than any physical or mental experience I have known. The bible tells us that a man and wife become one flesh. It is that separation of half of what we are that makes it seem so unbearable.

Now, it is my absolute prayer that none of us ever experience this but none the less some of us will. If you find your family in the clutches of the deceiver, pray and fight for your Love. Don’t give in to the lies he will whisper in your ear. Remember his goal is to separate us from anything of God especially God. Should you find that your Love is not enough and it may appear that God will not repair this situation? (God will not force someone to Love, which is the way of the liar) Run quickly to the Lord. Find your comfort in his arms, not another’s or in a bottle. His Love is enough to quench any and all pain. He is after all Love in itself. Surround yourself with everything (I pray we will do this anyway) pertaining to God. Engulf yourself in the word. Embrace your brothers and sisters. Pray and bear your heart to the Lord. Most importantly; Love..Love…Love… Before you can heal and grow you must not let go of Love. How can you Love the Lord if you cannot Love yourself or others. Do not let the deceiver influence you into a closed hard heart.

This holds true to any trial you face in life. Honor your father in heaven. Love him first. Wrap yourself in the word. Praise God constantly! Pray and fellowship with other believers; the Lord our God will deliver you and bless you. He is after all our Daddy that loves us unlike any Love we will ever understand.

You may be a single person or happily married. Satan will use the same tactics in other areas of your life. Let’s come together and stomp our foot at him while embracing our Lord and each other! Separation is Satan’s goal!

I love you all, Scott Smith