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Entries for July, 2006

Fellowship and Suffering

Look around you. The people you walk among are so valuable to God that he sent his one and only son to this earth to be tortured, humiliated and killed. For our sake! Just because the person next to you has a smile doesn’t mean everything is alright. Take a few moments to lend an […]

Prayer Response

I was going through old emails today. I found several emails I sent to Charles Stanley and Michael Beale where I was asking for help with prayer and more specifically prayers. As I took this trip down forgotten lane my attention was brought to the exact prayers I asked for. I had long since forgotten […]


“Fret not thyself, it tendeth only to evil doing.” Psalm 37:8 I have been asking our dedicated brother Michael (my pastor) some questions through email here lately. These questions to me are of utmost importance and I felt that since he is such a busy man and has so many responsibilities all ready that email