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Are you really a Christian?

Many young men have had girlfriends. All too often, being self centered and goal oriented with the goal being getting in the bed, they act through the motions of caring just long enough for intimacy, after which they only call on the “girlfriend” when the desire for intimacy arises. Sometimes this leads to a relationship but […]

To clean the bugs off…pull over…

While traveling, I enjoy the beauty of nature and the sunrise/sunset through a windshield, it is almost blissful to me. The trip always starts with me being prepared: potty, gas, fluid check, tires, playlist, sweet tea and sunflower seeds…good to go. I’m driving along enjoying Third Day, sipping on a peace tea and taking in […]

Choosing the path is not enough

I have learned over the years through both personal experiences and study of scripture that God will allow us to go extended periods of time waiting on Him. It seems as if He is not there and that He does not answer our prayers. He gets us through the horrible pain we land in and we cling to Him […]

Know God, know peace…no God, no peace…

Truth is not relative but our lives are. The old saying: “Know God, know peace…no God, no peace” sums it up perfectly. I have found that when I seek God earnestly, I don’t desire indulgences such as food, sex or stuff. The result of the time spent with God makes it easy for me to lose weight […]

Dr. Phil self help plan… nah! Getting closer to God.

There is no formula, self help plan or outline to achieve what you really want. What works for me may not work for you but one thing that will work for all of us is asking the Holy Spirit (if saved) to guide, grant wisdom and control our lives and then allow and submit to […]