Not an average day…

We should all consider how precious life is. Life is a delicate gift that is often taken for granted. Journey with me as we discover how delicate life is and how little control we actual have.

It was around 7:00 am on an average morning just like this one. My brother and I were riding together on our way to work. Going the toll road has become a ritualistic motion of life Jamie and I do without thinking.

This morning would be different. As we started down the hill after paying the toll a car looked as if it was about to pull out from a side road. I remember thinking “There is no way that car will…” CRASH! The two cars lifted off the ground, Continue reading “Not an average day…”

What’s in your Junk Drawer?

Life hurts- death, divorce, depression, foreclosure, repossession, bullies… I could go on and on. Have you ever just felt like giving up? I won’t claim to have all the answers to your pain. I do know that Jesus can and will take this pain and heal the suffering you may be feeling, but you must reach out for his hand! He is calling you; can you hear Him in your heart?

My cordless phone battery keeps going dead. I have one of those manual labor phones. I don’t know if everyone has seen them. You know that one that you must stand up to answer the phone. That may be why the cordless phone keeps going dead; I am too lazy to put it on the base…

After digging out that old manual labor phone that I need a crash course on using and coming to the understanding that I can’t just leave it off the hook sitting next to my recliner or it will start barking something really loud until you put it back on it’s base… Continue reading “What’s in your Junk Drawer?”