…how can anyone be right in the presence of God?

…how can anyone be right in the presence of God?
Someone might want to argue with God, but no one could answer God, not one time out of a thousand.
God’s wisdom is deep, and his power is great; no one can fight him without getting hurt.
God moves mountains without anyone knowing it and turns them over when he is angry.
He shakes the earth out of its place and makes its foundations tremble.
He commands the sun not to shine and shuts off the light of the stars.
He alone stretches out the skies and walks on the waves of the sea.
It is God who made the Bear, Orion, and the Pleiades and the groups of stars in the southern sky.
He does wonders that cannot be understood; he does so many miracles they cannot be counted.
When he passes me, I cannot see him; when he goes by me, I do not recognize him.
If he snatches something away, no one can stop him or say to him, ‘What are you doing?’
God will not hold back his anger. Even the helpers of the monster Rahab lie at his feet in fear.
So how can I argue with God, or even find words to argue with him?
Even if I were right, I could not answer him; I could only beg God, my Judge, for mercy.
If I called to him and he answered, I still don’t believe he would listen to me.
He would crush me with a storm and multiply my wounds for no reason.
He would not let me catch my breath but would overwhelm me with misery.
When it comes to strength, God is stronger than I; when it comes to justice, no one can accuse him.
Even if I were right, my own mouth would say I was wrong; if I were innocent, my mouth would say I was guilty…

-Job 9

Let that grip you for a moment! Who can be right in the presence of God? How often do you stop to think about the power and glory of the God who moves mountains, the terrible power of God that makes the earth quake, the awesomeness of the God who spoke the Sun into existence and who snaps His fingers to destroy stars? Who can be right in the presence of God?

Who? —– YOU! But not because of anything you have or ever will do but because God loves us so much that He sent a final and perfect sacrifice to bridge the gap between our sin and His glory. We have Jesus! Stop and think about that today. Oh, how He loves us that He sent His perfect, blameless son to atone for our shortcomings!

If you are saved, please dedicate some time alone with the Lord to meditate on how valuable the gift you have is and remember where you were that got you where you are. Thank you Lord for saving a wretch like me. If you don’t know the Lord, please take a moment to read this short post and contact me or follow the link at the bottom of the page mentioned.

The High Road…is not an easy road to travel.

I was presented some information that I wish I was never given. (It is strange how people think they are helping but gossiping really just hurts) This information cut me deep and the pain of it made me want justice, I was angry at all the parties involved and felt like I had to say something…this was before I went to the Lord in prayer. After doing the rest of the running around I need to do, all the while stewing and getting more and more angry…

I finally made it home.

I immediately went upstairs to my bedroom and dropped to my knees to get both comfort and guidance from the Lord. God told me through the Holy Spirit two things in that time on my knees. The first was that I had been spending less time on my knees. Sure I was praying throughout the day but I had moved past the painful state I was in and began to ease into a relaxed, laid back state of prayer time with God. I am not saying anything is wrong with that, only that for me personally, prostrating myself brings me closer to the Lord in prayer. The second was that I should seek Godly counsel before taking another step in acting on this unwanted revelation. So I called my friend and mentor in Christ. He asked me a few questions and prayed with me over the phone and then the unexpected happened. I thought he would be as angry as I was but instead he told me that the people mentioned are still new to Christ and that I need to take the high road and keep this to myself. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but exactly what I needed to hear. So after the phone call I went back to the Lord in prayer and forgave the party and was comforted and was given peace. I got exactly what I needed, not what I wanted.

I learned a few things from this trial:

1. Don’t calculate without God. Psalm 37:5
2. Seek Godly counsel before acting. Proverbs 12:15
3. Act in obedience to what the Lord instructs without hesitation, having faith in His wisdom. Proverbs 3:1-35
4. Forgive promptly so I can be forgiven and be treated. Matthew 6:14-15

Exercising faith truly brings me closer to God. The high road is bumpy and and I don’t enjoy the ride too much at all but when it smooths out, the rest is on a beautiful path.