Race car Christian!

The Christian walk can be quite intimidating at times. Let’s face it, the competition is tough! Satan has had centuries to perfect his methods and soup up his engine but we have a crew chief that guarantees a victory! The Holy Spirit will empower you to win these races but we do have to get behind the wheel and pull up to the line!

I am a gear head. I have always enjoyed going to the drag strip. Continue reading “Race car Christian!”

NASCAR…Well no not really, something else.

I must say I really like sitting down in my recliner kicking back with a tall glass of Milo’s sweet tea and letting the remote become one with my hand. We have such a nice relationship; me and my remote…oops that is another story.

I have always watched racing on TV but I got a wild hair one day and decided to go to Talladega and watch it live. I called the boys up and we took off a day in advance to camp in the parking lot. Well if any of you know NASCAR then you know what happens when the cars aren’t going round and round. The beer flowed, the inhibitions disappeared Continue reading “NASCAR…Well no not really, something else.”