You, Lord, give me true peace

I was lost and you found me. I was weak and you gave me strength. My heart was heavy and you helped me carry it. My mind raced with worry and you calmed my thoughts. My life so intense and you gave me rest. I gave you my troubles and you took my fears with them. My spirit was broken and you mended it with gain. You are good oh Lord, I am so grateful to be a child of the most high Lord. You were with me during the pain and I embraced you with eagerness, I am sorry for not seeing you during the good times, I promise to work on that. I am learning to not pray for my wishes but only that your will be done. You oh God, know what is best and I give you my life and trust you will take care of it. I am yours Lord. I love you and long more than anything to someday hear “well done good and faithful servant”. I seek to please you Lord…thank you for saving a wretch like me. You, Lord, give me true peace, I depend on you, and I trust you.

-Isaiah 26:3

-Matthew 11:28-30


“Fret not thyself, it tendeth only to evil doing.” Psalm 37:8

I have been asking our dedicated brother Michael (my pastor) some questions through email here lately. These questions to me are of utmost importance and I felt that since he is such a busy man and has so many responsibilities all ready that email Continue reading “Patience”

What, me worry?

I was at a drive thru the other day and the man in the box was very short with me. He sounded as if he was being forced at gun point to work behind that mike. To be honest, he acted no different at the window.

After being as polite as I could and waiting for my turn to speak so that I could tell him that Jesus Loves him (that really cheers me up, I thought it might work for him) he abruptly said Continue reading “What, me worry?”