Prayer Response

I was going through old emails today. I found several emails I sent to Charles Stanley and Michael Beale where I was asking for help with prayer and more specifically prayers.

As I took this trip down forgotten lane my attention was brought to the exact prayers I asked for. I had long since forgotten or wrote off these prayers as unanswered and I figured that God must have a reason and I did say if it is your will Lord (why would he if it’s not? I just like saying that I think) so I assumed Continue reading “Prayer Response”

Want your prayers answered, NOW!

We live in a world on the go. We want fast food, fast computers, cell phones, IM and blueteeth =). Does anyone remember the old days when the phones had cords attached to them? If your car broke down, no biggie, walk to a service station, pay phone or the closest house for help. Do you have a prayer that God seems to be ignoring? What do you do when you want your prayers answered now?

I was deep into reading this book. You know, when it has you leaning forward in the chair, tapping your toes wanting to skip a page to see what’s next; Continue reading “Want your prayers answered, NOW!”